New York Shares Trading in India!

Shares trading has always been one of the highest paid jobs even in the richest countries in the world. It wasn't too long ago that, unfortunately, in order to play in that arena in the US, you probably were in the privileged elite class, had gone to an Ivy League University and wined and dined clients in Manhattan's best restaurants.

Trenchant and its global partners have democratized the world shares trading markets. Now you can be the world's best shares trader from India. You see, while no one has figured out how a doctor or professor in India can telecommute to America, with shares trading your commute is to your computer. Today, traders are known by their skill, not their location. Now all the other market participants know, that a trader can be a man or woman in Mumbai or sitting in an office a mile from the New York Stock Exchange.

The traders are the core participants of Trenchant’s exporting operations. Their responsibilities involve scanning the spectrum of highly active NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stocks to find demand imbalances. Their recommendations are electronically sent and filtered into buy and sell decisions for the benefit of a corporate customer. The traders' experience and swift decision-making skills provide immeasurable value to that customer’s business model.

Shares traders have potential to make a lot of money due to the volume of shares being traded combined with training and access to something only given to a chosen few.

Becoming a professional in the first world's premiere financial market allows you trading skills that you can use a lifetime without borders. Being a shares trader is also a stop to learning some of the skills necessary to have some of the really great financial jobs like a hedge fund manager or money manager, where the very best can earn millions of dollars a year (though neither Trenchant or its global partnersoffer these jobs or has seen anyone graduate to these jobs- they require a very special person).

In too many interviews in India we've seen that western companies have failed to utilize the the advanced education of Indians . These companies do this because the salaries are so low compared to western salaries that it isn't much more to the companies to "over do it". Well we're placing the best people into the best jobs.

The mix of our powerful software, great traders, expertise and training are a great recipe for success. What you do with it is up to you. This is an incredible opportunity to get a front row seat to the what's going on in the world financial markets.

Trenchant pays you a salary and incentives. Get in touch with us today!

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