Trenchant programmers provide coding and support for world class trading software, the lifeblood's worldwide day trading.

Working for a MNC you'll gain valuable expertise in financial programming for the United States financial markets. This expertise is highly coveted.. You'll work with a team of programmers both in India and the US. Our lead programmer in the US has moved back to India to head the local software development team.

Too often programmers are forced to work on one tiny piece of an uninteresting project and no one cares about their work, if it's even ever used. How would you like to spend two years reindexing a foreign bank's database of addresses only to have them change protocols? You'll see the impact that your programming makes as a result of your proximity to traders right outside of your office, who depend on your coding skills to be successful.. If you have an idea on how to make traders money then you can have it on their desk top in days. If you are developing important features quickly, then your expertise will be recognized and appreciated by traders worldwide.

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